Affordable Housing

AFCD recognizes the need for affordable housing and supports the streamlining of State,Colonnades in Marion County, On Top of the World Communities regional, and local regulations to reduce the overall costs of housing. Lowering housing costs is the best way to help people obtain affordable housing. Sufficient and adequate housing is needed to meet the needs and desires of all sectors of a community.

Regulations Add Costs

Artificial regulatory restraints on housing supply combined with high demand result in higher prices for all types of housing, further limiting the ability of many Floridians to afford their first home. Often, impact fees, exactions, and mitigation requirements further compound the problem in a regressive manner. Government subsidies of housing are not the solution for the vast majority of Florida's' citizens.

Correct Infrastructure Deficits

Often where land for housing is most affordable is also where infrastructure deficits are the greatest. Impact fees are never appropriate to resolve an existing infrastructure deficit. The solution to infrastructure deficits must be based on general obligation and revenue bonds and revenue sources paid for by all taxpayers in the community and on special assessments payable by benefitted properties over time.

Everyone Needs Affordable Housing

Building more affordable new housing at all price levels allows more people to move up making less expensive housing available on the resale market. The resale market is the major source of affordable housing and is often overlooked when considering the supply of affordable housing.

Regional Housing Needs

All workers and retirees need housing they can afford, but most communities will not have a full range of housing types within their boundaries. The need for affordable housing goes beyond municipal and county boundaries. Housing needs should be evaluated on a regional and statewide basis and addressed through the comprehensive planning process.