Member Benefits

Legislative Lobbying

AFCD acts as the industry's watchdog throughout the legislative and rule-making process, carefully following crucial development issues through agencies, task forces, committees and onto the floor of the state Legislature.

Among the AFCD's ongoing legislative concerns are growth management, transportation, environmental, water usage, Administrative Procedures Act, Homeowner & Condominium and Community Development District legislation. Over the years, a large portion of the association's lobbying efforts have focused on preventing repressive or imbalanced ideas from becoming law, not only by aggressively opposing various bills but also by educating decision-makers on the bill's true impact.

Recently, AFCD addressed such issues as the future of the development of regional impact processes, amendments to the Growth Management Act, property rights protection, the state and regional wetlands permitting program, regulation of upland habitats, land sales practices, water policy and economic development measures.

In addition, the association monitors community development issues being considered by the House and Senate committees on Community Affairs, Natural Resources, Governmental Reform, Transportation, Agriculture and Judiciary.­ For 35 years, AFCD has worked to represent the concerns of its members.