Member Benefits

Information Conduit for the Industry

AFCD members benefit from the pooling of information, knowledge and expertise on common issues. AFCD provides a wealth of pertinent industry information to its members, including:

Bill tracking

AFCD tracks an average of 100 bills affecting the development industry each session. Members can electronically access up-to-the-minute information on these bills via AFCD's wesbite, which directly links to the Legislature.

Weekly Newsletter

AFCD keeps members informed on the status of various bills and initiatives through weekly legislative updates during the session, including a comprehensive session wrap-up.

Briefing papers

The association regularly prepares and distributes reports on issues of interest to members. AFCD also distributes individual bills for member review and comment.

Up-to-Date News Articles

The association subscribes to an electronic statewide clipping service with articles from over 1,200 newspapers. Copies of important articles are provided electronically to members via our website.

Prestigious Speakers

Key state decision-makers and leading industry experts are frequent speakers at AFCD board and membership meetings. For more than 35 years, prior to the Legislative Session, the Senate president and speaker of the Florida House have addressed AFCD board meetings and listened to our concerns. AFCD meetings have also featured Florida governors, state agency heads and representatives from all the state's water management districts. Special guests have included various key legislators, Secretary of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection; the Executive Director of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC) and others; These forums give AFCD members a unique opportunity to interact with important leaders who impact the operating environment of community developers.


AFCD board meetings provide members with a unique setting for exchanging problem-solving strategies. AFCD's Legislative Task Forces and other designated committees meet as needed. Often a meeting is held at one of our members' properties.

These services provide members with timely, specialized information they would not have access to aside from membership in AFCD.